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For all those with a Content Management System (CMS) installed on their website who have a contact form of some description: it’s my pleasure to have upgraded your CMS framework to bring your site’s security up to date.

Contact forms (where the visitor fills out a form on your website to send you an email) are the most common ‘doorway’ for hackers to break into your website so security here is important. A CMS framework is the most solid way of incorporating a contact form on your website; and those of you who have a CMS framework have been upgraded ‘on the house’.

Those of you who have a contact form on your site but don’t have a CMS framework behind it, I’m happy to upgrade your form for free, but you will need to have the CMS installed first, which can cost a little more than just having the form added to the CMS. The good news is that, once installed, your CMS gives you a platform to have editable areas on your website built. These would you control over selected content (text, photos, etc.) as well as give you the potential to incorporate more complex features such as a blog, events list or calendar, photo gallery. Just ask me for a quote.

The free stuff doesn’t stop there!

I have also installed a ‘back-up’ feature on your CMS control panel, if you didn’t already have it. This is an easy way to download a file containing all the information on your database for backup purposes. Simply log in to your control panel as normal and click on the Apps drop-down menu at the top (if you don’t have any other apps this will simply say ‘Backup’). Select ‘Backup resources only’ from the ‘Backup Type’ drop-down menu and hit ‘Create backup’ to download your file.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


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