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  1. Ditching Google Analytics in favour of Netlify Analytics

    Article posted 4th October 2019 in Development

    Having moved my website to Netlify, I’ve been pretty excited about some of the features they offer, one in particular has been Netlify Analytics.

  2. Moving to Netlify

    Article posted 3rd October 2019 in Development

    I’ve really never enjoyed servers, and Netlify looks like an easy to use, powerful alternative for any static sites I build.

  3. Adding files for a commit with asterisks

    Article posted 1st October 2019 in Development

    It can be fiddly to stage files for a commit using Git on the command line. Or so I thought! I found a shortcut, so thought I’d write about it.

  4. Using nvm

    Article posted 23rd September 2019 in Development

    I upgraded node on my laptop and things broke… But I found a way to change the node version, to keep projects alive until there’s time to upgrade all those packages and config.

  5. Why I’m not using Git aliases

    Article posted 11th September 2019 in Development

    Git aliases are incredibly useful, but there are five good reasons I’ve decided not to make use of them.

  6. Version control for articles and blog posts

    Article posted 6th September 2019 in Development

    Git workflows like GitFlow are great, but how does publishing articles fit in when using a static site generator? Here’s how I’m doing it.

  7. Years in, the accessibility learning curve continues

    Article posted 5th September 2019 in Accessibility and Development

    I’ve cared about accessibility for as long as I’ve been working in the web and, even after all these years, I still enjoy learning new things.

  8. Changing editor for Git on the command line

    Article posted 21st August 2019 in Development

    Something that has been bugging me since moving from a GUI to command line git has been the default editor for writing commit messages.

  9. Fixing your last Git commit

    Article posted 21st August 2019 in Development

    Since I’ve started using Git on the command line, there’s one ‘new’ thing that I’ve used more than any other: amending my most recent commit.

  10. Website version 5

    Article posted 4th August 2019 in Design and Development

    I’m already more than a dozen releases into version 5 of my website, but I’m finally ready to ‘officially’ announce it!

  11. Changing your Git history

    Article posted 26th July 2019 in Development

    This week I removed some files and data from my Git history. It was a bit of a learning curve, but here’s how I did it, step by step.

  12. Minimalism and progressive enhancement

    Article posted 16th July 2019 in Design and Development

    I’ve been enjoying reading though Adam Silver’s articles around accessibility and inclusive design, and his take on progressive enhancement really struck a chord.

  13. Design and dev should be more joined up

    Article posted 2nd July 2019 in Design and Development

    I’ve been catching up on some reading and came across this nugget in ‘The “D” in the DOM’…

  14. Getting to grips with Git

    Article posted 26th June 2019 in Development

    I’ve been using Git for years and it’s finally time to make a concerted effort to move away from my GUI to the command line.

  15. What’s emphasis and what’s not

    Article posted 24th June 2019 in Accessibility and Development

    Semantic HTML is hard. We stopped using <i> and <b> elements in favour of <em> and <strong>, but are <i> and <b> still useful?

  16. Implicit ARIA landmark roles

    Article posted 14th June 2019 in Accessibility and Development

    ARIA landmarks give a screen reader user an easy way to orient themselves on a web page. Implicit roles are also great. Except when they’re not.

  17. Reducing motion

    Article posted 30th May 2019 in Accessibility, Design and Development

    Accessibility is important, so I’ve taken steps to minimise animation on my site, and even removed it completely for those who ‘prefer reduce motion’.

  18. Still a sucker for Sublime

    Article posted 1st May 2019 in Development and Tools

    Over the years I jumped from one code editor to another before settling on Sublime Text. I’ve since tried others but keep ending up back with Sublime.

  19. Dark mode websites on macOS Mojave

    Article posted 28th November 2018 in Design and Development

    macOS Mojave comes with a Dark Mode feature, but how do we get our websites to do the same? Turns out there’s a handy CSS media query that does the job!

  20. Blue Beanie Day

    Article posted 30th November 2012 in Development

    The web is very young and is still developing—as well as growing—at a rapid pace. For a long time it was pretty fragmented; a mismatch of all sorts of different technologies being used to display a website and provide functionality.

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