It’s very nice that you want to know more about me and my business! I’m Martin and I run tempertemper Web Design. I’m a Scotsman based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England, and I work with clients from California to Yorkshire.

In 2008, I was lucky enough find that one thing I was ‘put here to do’ and had no option but to put all of my energy into a career in HTML and CSS.

Working with small business to create, establish and improve their web presence makes up the core of my work. I believe a great website is the result of collaboration between experts: you know your business and customers better than anyone, and I know how to translate that to the web.

I also freelance for larger teams as a front-end developer. I’m a real stickler for accessibility and semantics, so every line of code I write is carefully considered as well as being as DRY as possible. I’m a long-time Sass user, compile my CSS (and do lots of other things!) with Grunt, keep my dependencies up to date with Bower, and use git for version control, collaboration and deployment.

I co-founded and co-organise Frontend NE, a monthly meet-up where front-end web developers in the North East can learn more about their craft.

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