The things I’m up to right now

You’ve seen my blog and about page so you know what I’m interested in and how I ended up doing what I do, but what am I up to right now?

  • Looking forward to a nostalgic Christmas with the most exciting present I’ve bought myself in years
  • Taking a break from home improvements, after a hard couple of months’ work renovating the bedrooms
  • Taking more time with my wife, now that our youngest is finally (after 2½ years) sleeping through the night and can stay overnight with my parents
  • Carrying on waking up at 5am to snatch an hour of writing before the kids surface
  • Continuing my Adventures in Git™ (in summer I ditched my GUI and went all-in on the command line)
  • Making a concerted effort to learn JavaScript properly after nearly a decade of tentative tinkering
  • Exploring serverless and the JAMStack

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’

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