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  1. Design and dev should be more joined up

    Posted 2nd July 2019 in Design and Development

    I’ve been catching up on some reading and came across this nugget in ‘The “D” in the DOM’…

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  2. Reducing motion

    Posted 30th May 2019 in Accessibility, Design and Development

    Accessibility is important, so I’ve taken steps to minimise animation on my site, and even removed it completely for those who ‘prefer reduce motion’.

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  3. Face ID and sunglasses

    Posted 21st May 2019 in Apple and Design

    Face ID worked perfectly every time until the sun started coming out. Seems its achilles heel is sunglasses, but I think I might be ok with that.

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  4. Thoughts on 3D Touch

    Posted 8th May 2019 in Apple and Design

    Moving from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone XS has been great, and I know it has been around for a while but one of my favourite things is 3D Touch.

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  5. I can’t wait for Dark Mode on iOS

    Posted 24th April 2019 in Apple and Design

    Dark Mode on iOS looks to be right around the corner. I’m already all-in on Dark Mode on my Mac but it’s even more compelling on the iPhone.

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  6. Choosing Dark Mode on macOS

    Posted 17th April 2019 in Apple and Design

    It’s nice to dust the cobwebs off with a UI overhaul every so often, so when macOS Mojave was released last year I couldn’t wait to try Dark Mode.

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  7. My favourite RSS app

    Posted 25th January 2019 in Design and Tools

    I love RSS. Having used the same RSS app for years, I decided to have a look what else was out there one stood out above the rest.

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  8. The new MacBook keyboard

    Posted 9th January 2019 in Apple and Design

    The new MacBook keyboard has certainly been a talking point. From the new layout to the Touch Bar and keys sticking; I both love and loathe it.

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  9. Dark mode websites on macOS Mojave

    Posted 28th November 2018 in Design and Development

    macOS Mojave comes with a Dark Mode feature, but how do we get our websites to do the same? Turns out there’s a handy CSS media query that does the job!

    Read Dark mode websites on macOS Mojave

  10. Safari tab icons

    Posted 20th September 2018 in Design and Tools

    I’m a fan of small and seemingly trivial changes that make a big difference, so Safari tabs getting icons in macOS Mojave was cause for celebration.

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  11. tempertemper’s Typefaces

    Posted 19th June 2015 in Design

    I rebranded tempertemper last summer. Text is so important on the web that it made perfect sense to make typography one of the first things to tackle.

    Read tempertemper’s Typefaces

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