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  1. The benefits of co-working

    Posted 4th May 2015 in Business

    I was recently part of a panel on co-working at the ITI Conference 2015, so now feels like a good time to revisit co-working and what it does for my business.

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  2. Controlling email

    Posted 8th February 2015 in Business and Tools

    Constant interruptions and notifications can take over your working day. For me, the biggest culprit is email. Here’s how I keep my head above water.

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  3. Taking a break without neglecting your business

    Posted 20th January 2014 in Business and Tools

    As a small business owner, I find it difficult to leave work behind and here’s how I’ve tacked the problem…

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  4. My introduction to co-working

    Posted 21st November 2012 in Business

    Co-working is a great way to escape the isolation of home-working, make business contacts and boost your creativity with a change of scenery– read on to find out more…

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  5. FreeAgent

    Posted 30th May 2012 in Business and Tools

    As a small business I have to do everything. From marketing my services to working on the projects themselves. One thing I have a kind of love-hate relationship with is invoicing, bookkeeping and accounts. Read on to find out how I’ve cured that particular headache…

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  6. Evernote

    Posted 28th April 2012 in Business and Tools

    Evernote is how I stay organised and a great way to reduce clutter and save time. This article will tell you how it works and hopefully inspire you to see how it will work best for you! tempertemper Web Design wouldn’t be the same without it!

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