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  • In search of the best writing app

    Posted in Tools

    A good right writing app is an invaluable tool. I've found one I'm very comfortable with, and there are a few good reasons for that.

  • Dashes, asterisks and plus signs

    Posted in Tools

    As a designer, I enjoy details. Markdown has lots of ways of doing the same thing and this is kind of nice, but also makes me sweat!

  • A shift in focus


    "Change is the only constant", said a Greek fella a few thousand years ago. Turns out this is very true. And it happens when you least need/expect it!

  • Changing the way I start a project


    Over the years I have refined the way I plan the websites I build. I've moved to a more consultative approach and it has been great for my clients.

  • tempertemper’s Typefaces

    Posted in Design

    I rebranded tempertemper last summer. Text is so important on the web that it made perfect sense to make typography one of the first things to tackle.

  • The benefits of co-working

    Posted in Business

    I was recently part of a panel on co-working at the ITI Conference 2015, so now feels like a good time to revisit co-working and what it does for my business.

  • Controlling email

    Posted in Tools , Business

    Constant interruptions and notifications can take over your working day. For me, the biggest culprit is email. Here's how I keep my head above water.

  • Why I still use RSS

    Posted in Tools

    Anyone who knows me will know I like to keep things tidy. Whether it's my desk, the contents of my work bag or the files on my computer, everything has its place. This helps me keep in control and is why I still believe RSS has its place.

  • Switching to Gmail


    Having never been comfortable with Google's business model I've always chosen to avoid their services where possible. However, I've finally made the switch to Gmail and here's why…

  • Blue Beanie Day

    Posted in Dev

    The web is very young and is still developing—as well as growing—at a rapid pace. For a long time it was pretty fragmented; a mismatch of all sorts of different technologies being used to display a website and provide functionality.

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