Your website is there for a reason. This reason varies from site to site– maybe it sells goods that you want your visitors to buy; maybe it’s a tool to drive social interaction via a blog, Facebook or Twitter; maybe it’s there to encourage visitors to call you. You get the idea.

But it’s no good hoping your visitors will guess what you want them to do. Let them know and you’ll see a massive difference in your website’s usefulness!


Your visitors want you to tell them what to do! There’s nothing more off-putting than a badly thought-through site design that leaves your visitors scratching their heads as to what to do next.

Give your visitors a reason why your product or service will benefit them first, then follow that up with a compelling call to action like “get in touch!” or “buy my stuff!”.


Perhaps most importantly, you’re able to measure how many visitors are clicking on your call to action!

Your website analytics will provide you with detailed information on how effective your calls to action are. They also allow you to make a change (maybe the colour, the positioning, etc.) and keep an eye on how that affects how your users interact with your call to action.

How well are you doing?

Have an objective look at your site. Is it providing a strong call to action? If not, how could you provide that all-important direction for your visitors? If so, have a think about how you could improve it.