My relationship with Gusto Research stretches back to a micro-site I coded for them in late 2013.

The initial brief for this project was to replace their existing website with a simple, stylish, easy to use site that worked across as many different devices and screen-sizes as possible.

Before putting pen to paper with the designs, Ant Barker and I began work by leading Gusto through a content audit on the original site to decide what should be kept. We then put a site map together, using the new content, and worked on the priority/hierarchy of that content for each page.

Once the content structure was in place, Ant set to work on the design. As always when we work together, Ant passed the designs to me before showing the client; this ensures there designs were able to be coded without stretching or going over budget as well as addressing any usability issues.

Ant has worked for Gusto for a number of years and knows their brand inside out, so a design was hit upon and signed off fairly quickly. I then set to work on the code.


We had encountered some issues gaining access to the existing website, and when I was finally able to I discovered a file transfer system which would have to be replicated in the new site.

This meant a large chunk of the site was more of a web-application than a website, and the extra time considering and building the best solution for this delayed launch slightly but was well worth the extra effort. The site now allows Gusto to securely transfer files back and forward to their clients.

Part of the brief was to put together a nicely designed email template that Gusto could use to send marketing emails to their clients. Again, Ant led the design and I coded it. Because it was intended for large corporate recipients it had to be tested and fixed to within an inch of its life, but as a result Gusto know that, no matter how out archaic the recipient’s email program, it’ll still look great.

Kind words

“From the initial planning sessions to the coding of the the designs, Martin's approach to the redesign of our website was refreshing, thorough and professional.” — Ian Rowlands, Gusto Research

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