Before we started work together, Pete Wilkinson’s online presence was in a bit of a tangle. Various micro sites, a personal site and one for his core business were proving confusing for those looking online to find out more about what he did.

We started by sitting down together and mapped everything he had ‘out there’ on the web. This visual representation made it easy to condense all of his content and formed the basic structure of his new website.

In the meantime, Pete was working with Ant Barker, reviewing the overarching brand and how this tied into Pete’s various offerings. The website was then designed according to the brand guidelines Ant had laid down.

One of Pete’s marketing strategies is based around building an email mailing list, so we zeroed in on this, providing several sign-up incentives throughout the site and tying them to a email list management system.

Since it first went live, the website has received lots of TLC, with new features being worked in without compromising the overall experience.

Kind words

“Martin has created what I feel is a world-class website. It works very clearly, is easy to navigate and I’m getting excellent feedback from visitors.” — Pete Wilkinson,

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