EMS Publishing’s website is a shop front for their textbooks and an introduction to their e-Learning study resources.

When I first began working with EMS Publishing, the brief was to redesign their messy, ineffectual website and make updating content quick and easy.

Since then the site has had plenty of ongoing care, which has paid dividends.

One big change has been to make the site ‘mobile friendly’, meaning the layout adjusts to make the content as easy to access as possible on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets.

The site has also seen an increase in sales after a recent rethinking of the homepage’s design. Originally the homepage had a ‘slider’ front and centre, containing three slides:

  1. A page heading
  2. A featured textbook
  3. An e-Learning video

Unfortunately this design pattern wasn’t working. We scrutinised the site’s analytics and found there was pretty much zero engagement with slides 2 and 3. A homepage redesign began in earnest.

The slider was removed, the page heading is now ever-present and textbooks and e-Learning are featured right underneath. The ‘Books’ and ‘e-Learning’ boxes were redesigned with an elegant but eye-catching animation, and a more illustrative design was used to draw attention to the different ways of engaging with each.

A happy side effect to removing the slider is that the page now loads faster, which not only makes the visitor’s experience of the site better, but will score them some points with search engines.

Kind words

“Working with Martin has been enlightening and enjoyable. I was a beginner to web creation, but I immediately felt in safe hands.” — James Mann, EMS Publishing

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