e-Learning Resources is a sister website to EMS Publishing and the stripped-back icon heavy design reflects this. The two sites’ designs complement one another well, in spite of being separate brands.

The previous e-Learning website had been hastily put together and my first port of call was to distil the content and the site’s structure down to something more user friendly.

YouTube had previously been used to serve the site’s video previews, and, had social sharing been a priority, would have been the correct choice. However, customisability, privacy and ease of use were the most important things on this project, so Wistia was a better fit.

The site integrates with a Wordpay payment gateway, allowing visitors to buy an e-Learning license from the site.


Live demos of the resources themselves are available on the site. Serving these effectively across as many devices, web browsers and screen sizes with as few compromises as possible was a real challenge. We explored using a ‘pop-up’ box and omitting the demos altogether, but the best way to present the demos was in a new browser tab/window. This will be revised should the code that the demos are written in change in the future.

Future friendliness was a watch-word on this project, so the best choice for serving the majority of the icons was a technology called SVG. These overcome the issue of screen resolution – high definition/Retina screens look great as long as things are built to look great on them! SVG doesn’t care what density your screen is, so icons always look crisp and sharp.

Kind words

“Working with Martin has been enlightening and enjoyable. I was a beginner to web creation, but I immediately felt in safe hands.” — James Mann, EMS Publishing

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