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  • Why I still use RSS

    Posted in Tools

    Anyone who knows me will know I like to keep things tidy. Whether it's my desk, the contents of my work bag or the files on my computer, everything has its place. This helps me keep in control and is why I still believe RSS has its place.

  • Switching to Gmail


    Having never been comfortable with Google's business model I've always chosen to avoid their services where possible. However, I've finally made the switch to Gmail and here's why…

  • Blue Beanie Day

    Posted in Dev

    The web is very young and is still developing—as well as growing—at a rapid pace. For a long time it was pretty fragmented; a mismatch of all sorts of different technologies being used to display a website and provide functionality.

  • My introduction to co-working


    Co-working is a great way to escape the isolation of home-working, make business contacts and boost your creativity with a change of scenery– read on to find out more…

  • FreeAgent


    As a small business I have to do everything. From marketing my services to working on the projects themselves. One thing I have a kind of love-hate relationship with is invoicing, bookkeeping and accounts. Read on to find out how I've cured that particular headache…

  • Evernote


    Evernote is how I stay organised and a great way to reduce clutter and save time. This article will tell you how it works and hopefully inspire you to see how it will work best for you! tempertemper Web Design wouldn't be the same without it!

  • Dropbox: my most useful app


    Dropbox is by far and away the most useful application/program I use. It's totally streamlined the way I run tempertemper, freeing me from the shackles of my desktop computer and allowing me to take my work on the road at a moment's notice!

  • Free security updates


    For all those with a Content Management System (CMS) installed on their website who have a contact form of some description: it's my pleasure to have upgraded your CMS framework to bring your site's security up to date.

  • What’s RSS all about?

    Posted in Tools

    So what's all this talk about RSS, feeds, subscribing, etc.?

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